The Vyne Community School

The Vyne Community School and Arts College is a Higher School with very close connection to the Holy Ghost Cemetery.

The Vyne Community School was created from the merger of the Queen Mary’s School for Boys and Charles Chute Secondary Modern School in the 1970s.

The name “Queen Mary’s” was later transferred to the Queen Mary Sixth Form College in Cliddeston Road, Basingstoke and the school was renamed The Vyne School, in commemoration of the historical links both schools had to The Vyne house which was the former home of the Sandys and Chute Families.

It was Lord Sandys of The Vyne who built the Chapel dedicated to the Holy Trinity in the Holy Ghost Cemetery, while the Queen Mary Chapel School was a direct descendent of the boy’s school which had been run in the Holy Ghost Chapel and the attached school building since the 13th century.

Today this modern and forward thinking secondary school is run by Head teacher, Mr Mark Kingswood.

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School Projects

Go HERE to find out more about the Holy Ghost Fest Public Open Day organised by the Creative Media and Diploma Students of the Vyne Community School which took place on April 20th 2012.

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