View of the two chapels from the car park

View of the two chapels from the car park

Introduction to the Cemetery

The burial ground on Chapel Hill has been in use from 1208 during the reign of King John when burials could not take place in consecrated ground due to a dispute with Pope Innocent III. The cemetery was consecrated in 1214 and The Chapel of the Fraternity of the Holy Ghost, was completed around 1244. The 13th Century building was greatly enlarged in 1524 by Lord Sandys of The Vyne, when he added the Chapel of the Holy Trinity to the south side of the chancel as a private burial place for the Sandys family. Both Chapels are now Grade II* listed buildings and scheduled ancient monuments. In 1858 the Cemetery was extended into the current footprint to accommodate the growing population and wealth of the town and is still being used today for the internment of ashes. Several important local figures are buried in the Cemetery including Thomas Burberry, the clothing manufacturer, Alfred Milward of Milwards Shoes, John Mares, Supplier of polar clothing and raincoats and John Aidan Liddell, Victoria Cross. Picture credit and copyright: The British Library, courtesy of the Basingstoke Heritage Society.

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